PeN Project LandWorks

pen_project_facebook_coverThis week I’ve helped Julie Parsons set up her brand new ‘PeN Project’ website.

The Photographic electronic Narrative (PeN) shares photographs taken by current and ex-offenders on placement at LandWorks: an independent charity which provides a supported route back into the community for people in or recently released from prison.

Julie developed the concept in order to give supporters a greater insight into LandWorks: “Ever since interviewing a supporter earlier in the year who fed back that they didn’t know enough about what was going on at the LandWorks Charity, I’ve been thinking of ways to share what really goes on here.”

Julie is a sociology lecturer at Plymouth University and lead researcher for the PeN Project. Julie has been involved with LandWorks in a number of capacities (e.g. driver, supporter, cook), since the scheme began. Most recently completing research as a Sociology of Health and Illness Foundation (SHI) Mildred Blaxter research fellow, examining ‘commensality’ (eating together around a table) as a tool for health, well-being, social inclusion and community resilience. She has also worked with a number of colleagues on a range of research projects incorporating visual methods and participatory approaches.

I’ll be helping her upload participants photographs onto the blog, and I’ll also work with participants to curate an exhibition at the end of the project – in September 2017.




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