Frankie says: “Coming out to LandWorks has been a breath of fresh air…”

“As a farmer, if I treated animals the way that I’ve seen prisoners treated, I’d be prosecuted. People treat animals better in this country than prisoners are treated…”

A window into LandWorks

I suppose one of the things I’d like to try and get across is how easy it is to actually end up in prison. Most people assume that you’ve done something to go to prison. Well, I did nothing to go to prison. Some of my staff didn’t do enough which is why I gone to prison. There’s nothing that I did…  I think it would probably do LandWorks a little bit of good if people realised that not everybody that’s here are drug-dealers or violent or whatever.

I think one of the real benefits that you don’t perhaps see from the outset of LandWorks is how much comfort and relief family get from the fact that I’m not working in the prison. They’re aware of the environment I’ve been working in for quite some time, and for them to have read on the internet about LandWorks and where I’m…

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