George says: “Are people going to want to talk to you if you’ve been in prison?”

A window into LandWorks

People say to me “why did you do it?”, I said “greed at the end of the day”, that’s the bottom line, didn’t have to do it, but the opportunity was there. But, I’m not coming back to prison. No chance.  but I never knew the implications, how long you’d get… I’ve done what I’ve done. I’m paying the consequences…

I think it’s made me appreciate my family more because prior to  getting caught and doing this fraud, I was on holiday all the time, golfing holidays, stag do’s, birthday do’s…  Now, I wouldn’t want to do it. Then my boy came along as well… it’s definitely put the handbrake on. I waited a long time to have a son and I’m in prison when he comes along…

It’s tough for the people that come out, with £46  or whatever money they’ve got, it’s only going to last for so…

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