Quentin says: “I’m very apprehensive about what happens when I get out, employment wise. I’m going to be restricted to what I can do…”

Quentin’s early pottery days, he’s come so far in the last few weeks and is producing some beautiful pots… more pics to follow.

A window into LandWorks

“I’ve been here four weeks. My views on this place and the ethos and what I’ll get out of it has certainly changed. It’s taken me four weeks to suss everyone out…

I’ve been doing the pots for two weeks. I thought, the first two I did, when I did them I thought “they’re s@*#t”, I thought it was like a child had done it, but when they were glazed, I thought “they’re alright, I suppose”. Then I did some more … we’ll see. You won’t see any two the same. I’ve turned a couple on the wheel as well and I’ve got them looking alright. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then it was fired. I did the colour on it. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I didn’t give them much thought after that. Then I was excited to be called back in two days later –…

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