Quentin says: “LandWorks, is my little haven. It’s my little island in a sea of crap…”

“Anyone who is in prison is broken, you just don’t know it.” – Read Quentin’s (obviously not his real name!) experience of prison… #potterynotpunishment

A window into LandWorks

“I’ve been getting into the pottery a lot more, with a vengeance if I’m honest, to the point that I am going to do this when I get home, 100%. Before I was like “don’t be a dick”, but now I’m like “why can’t I?”. I would never had got that if I hadn’t been out here. So, it’s all positive for me, really.

Before I came to jail I always assumed, like everyone, prisoners had two heads and they were horrible, bad bastards and it’s not the case. I don’t know why it’s important to me, but I don’t want anyone reading this, who would read this, thinking I’m just another scumbag in prison. Anyone could end up in this position and that’s the pissy thing for me. That never goes away though and it never stops hurting, the stigma. Even if there isn’t one, I’m aware of it…

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