New Project Proposal – LandWorks Cob Wall Timeline

This is a proposal for an innovative community arts project – a collaboration with LandWorks – which will actively improve prisoners and ex-prisoners chances of gaining employment, while building trusting relationships within the local community by:

  • Teaching and developing practical skills in dry stone walling, cob-walling, carpentry, landscaping, construction work, and horticulture.
  • Inviting the local community closer to the LandWorks project by creating an interactive visitors space.
  • Building trainees self-worth by fulfilling the need to create something they are proud of and sharing ownership of the work.
  • Improving trainees social skills by working collaboratively with a range of skilled professionals, volunteers, and artists.

This project is in the process of gaining funding from arts institutions – more to follow soon!

Special thanks to Jakob Benjamin for frame drawings below.

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