Plymouth Art Weekender

Plymouth Art Weekender

26-27th September 2015

Collaboration with Rosie King

Open to the public Saturday 10-6pm and Sunday 10-5pm
Location: Plymouth Creative School of Arts, George’s Place

“Take a walk down George’s Place during the Plymouth Art Weekender. Let your mind and eye wander to a line that bridges the multitude of lives occupying a single area.”

Considering the space in its location – the contrast between a gated, safely contained school and the industrial area in which it is placed, out of reach yet not beyond sight – a visual bridge is created between these spaces. The locality as a whole lacks green areas, so as a temporary installation an organic, sweeping strip of grass is installed which physically crosses the border of the school, onto the street beyond.

The pupils at Plymouth Creative School of Arts re-imagined their outdoor space, envisaging sky-gardens, ramps, and garden-bridges. The green strip became the site of cart-wheels, relaxation in the sun, and invented games.

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