Arts Council England Funds LandWorks

After the success of the LandWorks Timeline, Arts Council England have awarded another grant to cover a year of arts activities at LandWorks – the charity which provides a supported route back into the community for people in or recently released from prison – with which I’ve worked with for the past three years.

“What are you going to spend the cash on then Sar?!” asks current LandWorks trainee Rodney.

“Not sure yet. What do you reckon?”

“A potting wheel!”

Ever since creating a self portrait a few weeks ago using clay (see image), Rodney has been staying up late watching YouTube videos of wheel throwing. Why not?

The overall aim of the next year is to create works which represent ‘how to overcome feeling trapped’ – we’ll then hold an exhibition towards the end of 2017.

At the same time the PeN Project (in which trainees take pictures of their activities during the day, before talking it through with Lead Researcher Dr Julie Parsons and posting on the PeN Project blog) has really taken off and seems to be giving LandWorks supporters a great insight into what happens here.

You can register as a LandWorks supporter here by signing up for updates, where you’ll hear more about the PeN Project as it unfolds. You can follow the PeN Project by putting your email in the right-hand side or at the bottom of the blog page.

Rodney clay sculpting

Rodney clay sculpting



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