Brett says: “this is the first time I’ve sort of admitted that I need a bit of back up here…”


Fantastic blog from Brett: creating a sculpture which both represents and encourages a transformation in his life. Brett has brilliantly developed the concept for Transformation Man, deciding which materials to use and considering how others will interpret its meaning. A powerful piece of work!

Click here to read the full blog ‘Transformation Man’ blog…

A window into LandWorks

“Yeah from my point of view it came from a chat with Sarah one day, she was like what interests do you have in your life and stuff like that, and it was like music, movies, and she was like if you could pick one character that you like or whatever, and I said Batman definitely, so then the idea came about representing… so I was like yeah, I looked up to him I suppose, idolised him in my life, and that was the symbol of… so yeah I was like we should do a superhero for this place, and try and represent what this place does for you, and what you want to do in your life, you want to change for the better, you wanna walk away from this place one day, and be like yeah I’ve conquered my faults, and I am walking away a stronger…

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