Simon says: “I’ve been clean twenty years, I’ve had some wobbles”

A real insight into the life-long battle of addiction, from Simon at LandWorks via the PeN blog…

A window into LandWorks

“…I’ve pottered about, done a bit of art… done some gardening, fiddled about with wood… [that table] I only varnished it, I just slopped some varnish over the top… it looks quite nice actually, but I wouldn’t like to take credit for it… Anything they want doing I’ll just pootle along and do it, I have the skills, kind of…

I’m going to have to get back to work soon… in what though that’s the thing, I’m not feeling the pull towards care that much… I wouldn’t mind drug counselling… either outreach work or something like that, I don’t know… I can talk to anyone that’s the thing I have got… the thing is you’ve got to be honest with people if you think they’re lying and talking out their arse… you’re better off just telling them, rather than pretending to suck it up… there’s no excuse is there, you’ve…

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