Brett says: “That’s the nice thing about actual art…

Brett’s latest update on art and transformation via the PeN blog…

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A window into LandWorks

“That’s the nice thing about actual art, I mean I’ve not sort of done art since I was a kid in school, but people can perceive it, and perceive it however they want can’t they, you know art doesn’t come with a label, saying you have to experience Transformation man like this, it’s down to each individual, which is kinda cool, that’s why it has been nice to get the feedback that it has because people have obviously thought wow that’s cool, for whatever reason and that’s nice because yeah, I didn’t think anything, you know I had no preconceptions about what sort of response it would get, it’s really cool that it has gone down well… it’s almost a form of therapy in a way… ‘cos it’s like me using something to express how I feel and how I’ve felt, so it’s like here’s a symbol of that, change…

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