Rodney says: “I need to crack on…”

A window into LandWorks

“That’s the start of the bread bin… well it wasn’t the start I forgot to take photos before, but there’s the picture of the wood that was the lid… I made it and I thought it’s going to be quite difficult to lift the lid after you’ve put it down, so I just got one of the bits that I cut off  and took the router round it, I think it gave the lid that finish putting that there…

I woke up this morning quite agitated ‘cos I’m tired and am just having a bad day… there’s always [plenty to do] ‘cos me and [my mentor] cooked on Wednesday, so that was alright, that was nice, we made lasagne, I’ve just been trying to keep busy really, I have been to the doctors about not sleeping… they’ve given me these meds that are meant to help me stay asleep, and…

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