Brett says: “It’s just nice to get feedback off people…”

A window into LandWorks

“It’s just nice to get feedback off people and you know, it’s cool, it was like it almost felt a bit emotional listening to you guys, yeah it’s like it’s just amazing really… what I’ve managed to achieve these past few months you know, and just to get feedback off everybody has been immense, and I’m massively grateful to everybody… I am really really proud of it… it’s like I said, it’s an amazing buzz to get everybody’s appreciation for it… it’s come full circle you know, the fact that he’s like, I just said, I started off with the idea of it… to portray something that literally represents from stepping out from the darkness and into the light you know? It’s really done that and now it’s sort of finished in stages and I feel the way I do, compared to what I was like when I first came…

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