James says: “We’ve just started a criminology class…”

A window into LandWorks

“I was working up there [off site at a local cafe] for a couple of weeks… seeing it out from the start, from the beginning, we made the cabinets down here, yeah that’s it, we made the cabinets down here and then when they were ready for us up there, we took them up there, and started installing them and then prepped all the worktops there… that is pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks…

I’ve made up some business cards [and] set up an email… which is like just to start work coming in, whether it’s employed through someone else or private work, like my own jobs or whatever… being self-employed that’s my target, but I’m not expecting to jump straight into it, ideally my aim is to get into full time work, employed with someone and even self-employed, but full time work with someone…

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