Brett says: “I’m proud of myself…I’ve turned myself round for my boys”

A window into LandWorks

“I’ve just been doing stuff in the ‘good garden’ really… the good garden is sort of my next little project I suppose, because it’s the area where transformation man is in situ… ‘cos the area where I’ve put transformation man was basically just a load of rough ground, and it’s supposed to actually be good garden where he is based…

…like you go from the bad garden at the beginning of the bridge then you walk over it and go into the good garden, but before we put transformation man in, it all looked bad, it didn’t really, you couldn’t really tell what was what, apart from the bridge you know, it didn’t really, what’s the word? It didn’t really symbolise that it was change, that it was changing from bad to good, because change is transformation, and what he is all about, that is why I wanted it in…

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