James says: “it’s about helping people who want the help…”

A window into LandWorks

“I’ve been making bowls this morning, they’re all different, two different woods I think, I made nine, I set a target in my head this morning, because I’d done five I wanted to do another five before lunch, but I broke two, so I managed to do another four… and two broken ones, so… I’ve been doing picnic benches with Graham, they’ve all been ordered, it went mad last week, we did like seven I think plus the Bike Shed order…

I’ve got three jobs lined up, one with A*, one with B*, and one with a mate of mine I know in Town, yeah, he’s got his own building company, but that’s in a couple of months, potentially… B* I’ve been with them before, they do ground works, drainage, footings, new builds, we do all the house footings and new drainage and stuff, the foundations, they’re busy they are……

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