Brett says: “There’s always reasons behind everything…”

A window into LandWorks

So Blaidh Nemorlith, Plymouth’s Poet Laureate did a poem about transformation man, which was really, really flattering yeah, it means a lot that anyone is inspired by my story, and for him to do that was really, really cool, really epic, so I thought it was only fitting really that we write the poem down, and put it up next to transformation man as a tribute to that really, I think it was really cool that he was moved enough to do something about it…

Well I am now officially 360 months old, and I’ve achieved exactly that, because obviously 360 degrees is a complete turn, and I’ve completely turned my life around, and coupled with that I’ve got 50/50 custody of my boys back, which is amazing and I’m just so happy and really, really grateful to this place because it’s been instrumental in getting the boys back, I…

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