Brett and Simon: “Mon’s team green…”

A window into LandWorks

Brett says: “I’ve been helping Mon in the garden really, because it’s all sort of systems go there, in the garden, ’cos I think with sort of May and June it is sort of growing season. We’ve just been finishing all the beds in the new field and putting Mypex in-between, Mypex is like underlay to stop the weeds, to help reduce, because the beds themselves have quite a lot of weed in them, and that itself is quite time consuming, so I mean to do the paths on top of that is just, so to put Mypex down just helps prevent the weeds popping up really, and helps to save some time. It’s really just been all systems go with the green bit, we are team green, me, Simon and Mon…

Simon says: “I did try some pottery, Sarah had to peddle it, the pottery bit was alright, we…

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