Benny says: “I always say to them, look if you’ve got the choice, you know you don’t go”

Planting and picking organic veg, making pots on the kick-wheel, cooking four meals with our volunteer cooks – Benny’s packed a lot into his first two weeks at LandWorks…


A window into LandWorks

I’ve met some very interesting people who volunteer to come and cook, and that’s been my highlight really so far, because I like people, I like to pick people’s brains and things, and I like to listen to people’s lives, and I’ve met some interesting guys and girls that are on community service here, doing the same sort of thing, and I like to listen to their story as well, which is quite interesting, and if I can help them through my experience being that little bit older, I try to a little bit…

Cooking, planting, watering, woodwork, pottery, painting, I think I’ve done. I did three pots, these are mine, I didn’t want to do my one’s perfect, so you know you could have keys, house keys on one, and perhaps on the top some mints, or something and you walk past, and they’re on the table in the…

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