Rachel says: “You need to give people the opportunity to improve their lives and to live”

A window into LandWorks

I am a police officer, you get sworn in on Friday of the first week, so it’s all done and dusted, I’m working towards a diploma in policing, which is a two year overall thing and as part of that you have to do 80 hours in the community, so this week at LandWorks comes under that…

It’s not really what I thought, I thought it would just be kind of like a school type sort of thing, teaching people to get back into the workplace, but it’s not, it’s very relaxed but in a regimented way, so they’ve got a plan there, and the variety is so good as well, as I say every day has been different. Such as making and painting the tiles, and I helped lay that path down there with Martin, I was doing a bit of raking out of the stones and stuff, and…

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