Marshall says: “just coming out here clears my head…”

A window into LandWorks

Marshall says: “I’ve been doing woodwork and I’ve even started doing a bit of pottery as well, ‘cos I got kicked out of school when I was about 14, all I’ve ever done is cook, I’ve been a chef about 8 years now, so I haven’t done anything else, so as soon as I come out here and started doing woodwork with Graham it’s great, I really like it, I’ve never done it before…

I start my new job on Friday and I’m just going to work flat out for about, for the summer, for like 3 months and then yeah, look at getting a house and stuff, ‘cos since I got arrested, and obviously with looking to go to jail and that, I lost everything, I lost my house, jobs, stuff like that, so this is like, now this is happening I can focus on getting stable and sorting…

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