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In the past, I’m not sure that I felt comfortable with the notion of ‘hope’.

I didn’t quite ‘get it’, perhaps it had some odd religious connotation for me, don’t know. But I have always had trust, that it’s going to be okay, a conviction that it will be all right.

Four years on (it’s LandWorks’ birthday this week), I now ‘get’ hope. I now humbly ‘get’ hopelessness.

Again (four years on), I am outside the big prison gates waiting for our new cohort of day release prisoners (only a handful of Category C prisoners in Britain get this opportunity).

Has anything changed? LandWorks’ fundamental beliefs and ethos hold true and we have not deviated from our original aims…

  • Improve well-being
  • Reduce reoffending

I am older, a bit battered, but wiser and I know I am about to hear the same stories today that I heard four years ago…

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