Troy says: “if I’d gone to a place like this, it would have probably stopped me going in the second time…”

A window into LandWorks

Troy says: “I have been working with Graham, I’ve been doing quite a lot of carpentry and stuff like that, yeah it’s been interesting, it’s work that suits me to be fair, being out and practical, and stuff, they’re pretty simple to make as well, it’s all pretty simple, you don’t realise, it’s just getting the bits and putting them together right…

The first time I went to jail was for 5 and a half months, and then the other time, I got 2 years, but I only ended up doing about 9 months, same place. The first time it didn’t hit me, because you go in there, it’s like a youth club, everyone’s just running around, having a laff and that, but erm the second time really hit me to be fair, I went in there in the summer, so I spent all summer in there, and then I…

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